researchIn these pages I’m grouping ongoing work on various themes that interest me. I’ve tried to give them chronologically below. Under each heading I’ve gathered source material (such as translations of letters or memoirs), and will later add fragments of writing and reference materila (such as bibliographies or biographies) which are relevant to the theme.

At present the areas of research are:

1797 to 1800

Nelson and the Revolution at Naples, primarily the events of June and July 1799

1798 to 1801

Rebellion in Ireland

Napoleon and Egypt

1800 to 1805

Napoleon’s secret police and the plots to assassinate Napoleon

1801 to 1804

Napoleon and Saint Domingue: slavery, sugar and Yellow Fever


Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, eyewitness accounts from both sides


Prisoners of War in the Napoleonic Wars

Travel in the Napoleonic era


Memoirs, letters and recollections by Napoleonic soldiers, various