Books (Napoleonic and French Revolution)


Young man reading, by Meissonier

Young man reading, by Meissonier


These are the books I have published on the era from 1792 to 1815. You can see a listing in the menu on the right, or at the top of the page.

I enjoyed working on each and every one of them. (If I have a favourite it is probably the Faber du Faur book.)

In terms of what is next, I will be publishing at least three books in 2018. There will be the study of Nelson and his war crime at Naples. There will be the e-book giving four Polish accounts of the expedition to Saint Domingue (now available on Amazon) and another similar work on the Poles at Saragossa. And, at the tail end of the year, there will be my account of the infernal machine, the attempt to kill Napoleon using a cart bomb in 1800.