Books (Napoleonic and French Revolution)


Young man reading, by Meissonier

Young man reading, by Meissonier

These are the books I have published on the era from 1792 to 1815. You can see a listing in the menu on the right, or at the top of the page.

I enjoyed working on each and every one of them. (If I have a favourite it is probably the Faber du Faur book.)

I published a major study of Nelson and his war crime at Naples. And enjoyed writing an account of the infernal machine, the attempt to kill Napoleon using a cart bomb in 1800. I have also been busy working on Polish accounts of the Napoleonic Wars. There is an e-book giving four Polish accounts of the expedition to Saint Domingue (now available on Amazon) and another similar work on the Poles at Saragossa and Somossiera. Then there was a significant anthology of Poles in Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, and the subsequent campaign in Germany in 1813.