Napoleon in Russia

1812Here I intend to place material relating to Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. Again, it is the experience of those who took part which interests me. The ordeal of the advance in the summer heat, followed by the nightmare in the snows. I have written quite a few books on these horrible six months. For example, the account by Faber du Faur or an anthology of Polish accounts of the disaster.

Bibliography of eyewitness accounts of 1812

I have added a bibliography of eyewitness accounts of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. I’ll update this with corrections and additions over time.

A Swiss memoir of the retreat from Moscow, and the horrible battle at the bridges over the Beresina. There the Swiss played a heroic role.

Württemberg in 1812: here I present the letters of the Crown Prince who wrote to his father from Russia in the summer of 1812. These letters show that the advance to Moscow in 1812 was almost as terrible as the retreat that winter.

A general overview of Borodino can be found here.