Napoleon and Egypt

Roustam_VernetMy next project will likely be an anthology of accounts by those who accompanied Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt in 1798. These accounts combine the experience of soldiers in an unfamiliar and harsh environment with recollections by civilian scientists and scholars tasked with studying contemporary and ancient Egypt.

I have already published a book on Napoleon’s Mameluke, Roustam Raza, a gift to the general by one of the governors of Mameluke Egypt. The biographies of those who sided with the French and left with them, later forming a unit in Napoleon’s Guard cavalry, can also be found on this site.

The fact that these men fled Egypt indicates that it was a disaster. Here is Roustam Raza’s account of Napoleon’s own flight from Egypt.

I will be adding a few more articles in the coming months. Here is one on the man who discovered the Rosetta Stone. And another on the surprising history of classical music in Egypt during the campaign.